Revision Plans

As far as my project goes, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of need for revision. The only parts that aren’t meeting my standards are the ones limited by the constraints of the actual tool I’m using. After talking with my peer editing group, we decided that the strongest part of my project is the dialogue between the characters. I’m really going to play up on the dialogue and continue to strengthen it because it is the one aspect of the project that I have complete control over in the tool. I’m also making use of images to show what Beast is buying Belle to win her attention so that visual aspect will break up some of the text on the page and give some color as well. I was going to try a YouTube video on Belle’s wall to add the musical aspect in as well but I don’t think the tool supports it. Instead, I’m going to have Beast post some lines of poetry on her wall, finally winning her favor. I’ll also have Gaston interrupt and try to discredit him and Belle shut him down to show she’s starting to give in to Beast.