A Beastly Remix

I chose to do Beauty and the Beast as my story. There have been so many obvious “remixes” of this story but I think that there are many other stories that capture the essence of this timeless tale without being quite so overt. These are the archetypal bad boys in every romcom out there– the ones whom we think are quite “beastly” at the beginning of the movie, but turn into prince charming and score the girl. So I want to use that to develop my story and highlight different ways a dude can be beastly. Or I might flip it and make the girl the beastly one. I think I want to do this in diary-like blog posts from either the perspective of Belle or the Beast.

Here are the remixes I’ve found so far:

1. Once Upon A Time- ABC Television Show

2. Beaty & The Beast- CW Television Show

3. Beastly- Novel by Alex Flinn (made into a movie also )

4. The Original Story by Jean-Marie LePrince de Beaumont