The One With the Revision Plan

The strengths of my project that I plan on keeping are the current boards that I have. The design choice that was problematic was that Pinterest pins things so that the more recent pin is the last thing you pinned. I ran into problems with this when I wanted things in chronological order. Some of my boards seem out of place, but I am going to think them over and decide if they are worth keeping. I need to remember that while this project is about telling the story it has more to do with how I did it. I want to make sure that it comes across that I did something I enjoy while trying to tell a story through separate boards. I can think about some of my boards as well as continue to work on what I have. If I were to completely revise my story and had the time to do it I would consider doing a different interface as my template. While Pinterest is enjoyable it is not easy to work in or present.