The One Where I Didn’t Read My Email and It’s Freezing

On Wednesday I didn’t read my email which led me to coming to class when we didn’t have it. Today I came to class, but I have yet to thaw out from my walk here. Welcome Winter!

What I Did:

So far I have completed Robin and Barney’s boards as well as Ted’s architecture board. I feel good because this means I only have four more boards to work on. I also changed the name of Robin’s Canada board to just focus on the Vancouver Canucks because they are Robin’s favorite hockey team.

Why I Did It:

I finished Robin, Barney, and Ted’s boards because I wanted to give myself more time to devote to my last four boards. Right now I’m not entirely sure what angle I will take on those boards so this will give me time to think. I changed Robin’s second board to be all about the Canucks because they are more significant in her life than Canada as a whole is.