Blog Post for November 19, 2014

Revision Plan

After discussing my project with my peers, I have revised slightly the plan for my project.  I am planning to compile all of the Instagram images for my project over the Thanksgiving break.  I hope to create captions that tell the story and recruit more followers to the account.  Since I still have a lot of work to do on my project before it is complete,  my peers were only able to comment on the progress that I have made thus far.

1. Strengths to keep

The mapped version of the Instagram account was appreciated.

2. Design Problems

Both Instagram and Presi are limited in their abilities and are both weak social media platforms.  By combining the platforms, I am using Presi to display the map version of Instagram available only on the Instagram application not on the website.

3. Rhetorical Choices

Since the audience of my project is Virginia Tech college students (particularly Freshman), prospective students, and the associated social media community, I plan to use simple day to day language.  Since most of the rhetoric for this project will be in my Instagram captions, I plan to use a variety of @Tags and #Tags.

4. Multimodal elements

In consideration of the need for gestural mode on my Instagram account.  I have decided to try and capture some video footage.

5. Most Important Changes

I need to finish my project by uploading all my photos to Instagram.  I need to gather more followers on Instagram so that I can increase my likes.  Finally, I need to input the images to Presi.

6. Time Constraints

Due to my planned Thanksgiving vacation, I plan to have all of the images I need for the project before Friday, November 19, 2014.