Revision Plan: Finding Nemo

I am still in the midst of finalizing how I am going to do my project. I met with the other group members to go over my final plane before I start. They helped me with my project and offered their ideas and how to revise my project.

There were some strengths and weaknesses they saw with my idea and how I was going about my project. They loved my idea and how I was going to do it. They thought using iMovie and incorporating Finding Nemo would be great and I could execute it to how I said I was going to. They also liked my idea of mixing the story up and adding an alternate ending.

The part of my project where they felt needed work was in the middle of my video. I told them my overall storyboard and when I was going to include things but they felt if I went away from the story too much then people would lose the concept and I would lose their attention. It would be key for me to stay with what everyone know. Also since I have never used iMovie before that was going to be a bug challenge, they did suggest going to innovation space and working on it there.

After talking with my group they had some great suggestions and also liked where I was headed. They told me to continue what I was doing and go to innovation space if I had any questions or if I wanted to work on the project with people who knew iMovie.