Today was Peer Editing day for our Interrogate an Interface projects. My project is coming along but still not really close enough to get peer editing. The few suggestions I did receive were really helpful though! Below is an update on the project.

What I Did

Before class today, I created a powerpoint with slide titles, added a navigation system to my website, and finished the writer designer questions.

Why I Did It

While I haven’t started the essay, I thought it was important to finish the writer designer questions first. It seems like the essay will flow much better and come more naturally if I have already established a rough draft for all the topics. I chose to add a Table Navigation to my site. I wanted to add a custom menu, but unfortunately my site only supports one menu. I created the powerpoint to start the process, and to establish what exactly I wanted to talk about in my presentation.

What I Still Need to Do

  1. Web Essay
  2. Create powerpoint for presentation
  3. Create notecards for speaking during the presentation
  4. Organize information on blog