When I started looking through the different tools, I wanted to find something that could be used in various ways or for various purposes, rather than something that could only produce one outcome. Dipity was one of my choices because I thought was a novel idea for a way to bring together different sources to create one project.

Dipity is a free online timeline generator, which organizes web content by date and time. I think it’s interesting because you can take it multiple directions. Users can create a timeline that shows up as an addition to another multimedia piece, or you can create a timeline that is a multimedia piece in itself. People can click on each entry in the timeline to find out more information, see a photo, or visit another site. According to the we site, you can “integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.”

Working as the Multimedia Editor at the Collegiate Times and as an aspiring journalist, I think that this tool could be very helpful in the future for articles, stories, projects, etc. I would hope that utilizing this tool could generate more visits to the CT website through this interactive type of visual.