I will be working on infogram for my project 2, and I’m quite excited about it! I was immediately drawn to this tool because I adore infographics. My favorite project as a Professional Writing student is a Pokemon infographic I created in Designing Documents for Print. I enjoy this type of document because of its multifaceted nature. It combines research, design, and writing to create a product that is perceived as more readable and interesting than a standard block of text. When I made my infographic for class, I used InDesign. I’m really interested in infogram because it is a lot more accessible. Most people (myself included) do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on the Adobe suite, despite how fabulous it is. Having free tools online means that I can create these documents on my own computer as opposed to those in Shanks 360 or InnovationSpace. I truly believe that this kind of document is the most effective way to transmit large quantities of information to the masses, and I’m excited to get to know this system.