interrogate an interface

For this project, I chose Slipp. Slipp is a website and app for smartphones. It is focused on creating an easy to use and understand format on smartphones. Slipp was created because everyone is on their phones all the time, but no site is designed for this reality. Slipp uses images, text, and navigation strategically to engage smartphone users.

I chose Slipp because it is an engaging and unique tool. I was drawn to this tool because of its simplicity. After viewing the website and looking at a few Slipps, I was engaged. The Slipps are easy to navigate, easy to understand, and are not overwhelming. They provide are simple but comprehensive. I want to explore it because I have only viewed in on my laptop in a web browser. Since Slipp’s target is smartphone users, I want to download the app and explore how the app functions compared to the website and if Slipp works best on the app.