Oh, Asian Food….

So my boyfriend works at a local Asian restaurant, and will occasionally bring home food from this place. I say Asian, because as far as I know, this restaurant doesn’t keep to any one ethnicity in their cooking. They’ve got a bit of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. And it’s delicious.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Asian food as much as the next white girl, but I have never loved it so much. Over the last few weeks, I have discovered that it is my favorite. I just can’t go a week without something that is almost too spicy, made of noodles, or over rice. It’s becoming a problem, because not just any Asian food will do. Now, it must be real, made by someone who was raised on this cuisine like the owner of this restaurant.

It does help that Boyfriend is Korean and a chef. He will make me food. Mmmm food.

The post was written for the sole purpose of filling in a page. There are no pictures because I ate everything before I remembered I wanted pictures. Oops. The name of the restaurant is Cafe Makong in Blacksburg. It’s wonderful.