Today is the final workshop day for our web portal projects! Over the last two weeks we have certainly covered a lot of ground. After today, I am much closer to finishing my project, but may still need a little time in the grace period to make the site as polished as I would like it.

What I Did

I think the biggest change today, and what I spent most of class working on, was the addition of my “Travel” page. Read below to see why I consider this to be such a positive improvement to my blog!

Why I Did It

fb6733c7106401ac5387c57c0c1160f1I added the travel page for a few reasons. First and foremost, I’ve been struggling with ways to really make this site unique. As a Political Science student, I don’t have a web or design portfolio I could add. I’m not particularly interested in football, and I don’t have a particular fascination with any one band. But what I do love is to travel, and I’ve been some cool places in the last couple of years. Adding these pictures to my site gives a good idea of something I’m really interested in and something unique about me. Not many people have been to Israel!