What I Did, Why I Did It

What I Did

So far, I’ve made many changes to the site.  I’ve again changed the theme, and am now running the Elegant Grunge theme.  Also, I am using a few widgets – about.me, Instagram,  Twitter, a calendar, and a contact information graphic in the footer.  I’ve also added a menu with links to pages to About Me, Interrogate an Interface, Remix a Story, Revision Plan, Site Information, and Resume.

Why I Did

I changed the theme because the previous ones I used did not offer the option of a clearly seen menu to offer links to my pages.  Also, I believe that the theme’s colors of beige and grey provide a sense of neutrality and simplicity.  The widgets offer a way to further engage the visitors to the site by providing information about me.   Visitors to the site can see the previous four Instagram posts, and the previous  five Tweets.  The calendar provides visitors with a way to view my previous posts, and the contact information at the bottom of the page provides a location and a phone number.