9/15/14 Class Happenings

What I Did

I added a video to my The Marching Virginians page and removed an image. I also added some additional text to the page and renamed it. I did minor proofreading on the About Me page, centered the square photo on the bottom, and linked it to my The Marching Virginians page. I added photo and video credits to my Site Information page and divided the information into Formatting and Media Credit sections. I also added the image that I removed from my The Marching Virginians page.

Why I Did It

The video says a lot more about the band than I can in words, and I think that a page about a performance group should include a performance. I added text that referred to the video and schedule so that the reader could find what they were looking for and have information about the performance. I changed the name to The Marching Virginians because I wanted the focus to be less on football, in the interest of focus. I added photo and video credits to the Site Information page so that I wouldn’t be plagiarizing. I divided the information into sections because the page was previously just an ugly block of text with one image, and it needed more white space. The change also makes it easier to find information. I added the image that used to be on my The Marching Virginians page because I wanted to keep the image on the site and the Site Information page needed more color and interest.