Peer Review & Blog Update

What I did

Today was full of some major changes to my blog. The biggest thing I did today was change my background, it still goes with my theme and adds to the overall concept. I took away the other one because it was to busy and distracted the reader. I liked the visual aspect of it, but when it works against you then it’s not worth it. This time it is a photo of a football field, it runs on all my pages and all the way down the page. The other things I changed and updated where on my page titled “Virginia Tech Football History” I added the slideshow with 20 different football pictures. I also added the players name of who is in the picture. Those were the big things I did today, I feel the peer review was great and helped me see things that I had not noticed before which was perfect

Why I did it

The biggest reason I changed my background picture was because, as my peer reviews pointed out, it was just to busy and distracting. My thought and use of it was great and it was a great picture, but it was too much. I went for a more simple picture that still added to my blog. I wanted to stay to theme and I think I did just that. I also added the slideshow because I wanted more visuals for the reader. Everyone loves to look at pictures. I hope by doing this my blog became more visually appealing.

What I still need to do

For my blog, I still want to refine things. I want to make sure the pictures and videos work properly. I also need to proofread everything and make sure things make sense for the reader. I think my blog is coming along very well, and I am pleased with how things are going. I think the changes I have made over the last couple days have enhanced it greatly.