Nokes' Notes 2014-09-10 13:53:05

What I Did

Today, I added a photograph complete with a caption to my “about” page. The photo is of a co-worker and I broadcasting a VT baseball game against Pittsburgh on ESPN3.

Why I Did It

I planned on adding this picture because it’s a good representation of the work I’ve already done and also the work that I hope to continue doing.

What I Still Need to Do

I still need to put a sample of one of my broadcasts on my “about” page. This will also serve as a good preview of my work to anyone that wishes to visit this site. I must take the audio clip and turn it into a video clip using iMovie. This will allow me to upload the video to YouTube, which will allow me to put the video on this site.

I would also like to add additional pages to the site. One of my classmates suggested I create a page that is dedicated the what I am currently working on in my internship, which I found to be a wonderful idea. I could also create pages that show off other work I’ve done, as well as my resume.