My Peers Have Spoken

Things I Did Today (And Last Night)

I changed my theme! In previous posts, I talked about how much I liked my theme, but last night I decided I hated it, and changed it. Well I didn’t hate it. Just decided it wasn’t right for the tone of my blog.

I also added some widgets, and ALL the new pages, including two personal pages, one about food, the other about food related things, and one about word related/creative things. The food page is entirely on suggestion of one of the peer reviews. And then I talked to Traci (hi, Traci!) about how to make what is basically a blog within a blog, without being a blog. Does anyone follow?

Why I Did It

I changed my theme because I found it to be too soft and, frankly, feminine. My overall tone is just too sarcastic to really support that sort of feel. Other changes were just necessary to fulfill requirements.

What I Still Need to Do

Oh good lord, so much. I have links I need to make/add in. I have videos I need to find so that I can have the links. Pictures to take, since I have none. All of that. And probably more.