Emma R. Weiss 2014-09-10 20:23:21

Since Monday, in my opinion my blog has significantly improved. Read below to hear about all the changes!

What I Did

The first change I made was to my home page. Previously, it had been the page where all my daily posts went. When I moved these posts to the “Daily Posts” section, I needed something else to go to the home page. I inserted a paragraph detailing the purpose of the blog and information about the class. The next change was to put the “Site Information” page on the menu and change the name of this page to “About the Site.” My final significant change since Monday was to re-vamp my about me page. 

Why I Did It

I chose to add information about the blog and the class to the front page because it gives the entire blog context from the first moment someone visits my blog. Now once someone reads that, they understand what the context in which everything on the blog has been published. Site information was a necessary page on the blog, but I changed the name to “About the Site” because it makes it consistent with the other headers, such as “About Me.” When I say I re-vamped my about page, I mean I inserted a section that gave a very brief synopsis of who I am. Sometimes when you first are looking at a big chunk of text, you don’t read further. By giving a snapchat, I’ll get people to start reading and then hopefully they will continue to read the rest. 

What I Still Need To Do

My to-do list until this project is due:

  1. Add my resume 
  2. Edit every blog post for grammar and spelling
  3. Decide what to do about the featured images- keep them consist or add a new one to each page?
  4. Come up with a creative name and tagline for the blog

After these changes, it should be good to go!