Blog Post for September 10, 2014

I apologize for my tardiness, with this post.  I had some computer issues yesterday took my laptop to get fixed.  On a more positive note, I am loving the Mac Book Air that I am using on loan from Newman Library.

After reviewing my peers blogs and getting their feedback on mine, I made a few changes.

What I Did:

I eliminated the quote from my main page so that the cover page is no longer static.  I deleted the Posts link from the main menu.

Why I Did It:

I made this large change back from what I had worked so hard to figure out for several reasons.  First, while reviewing my peers blogs I was distracted by the usability.  The easiest blog to use and read looked like it had taken the least amount of time to create.  Additionally, both peers that reviewed my blog mentioned that they were confused when looking for the blog posts.  Third, I realized that the “Featured Posts” feature of the Superhero theme only works when the main page is not static.

What I Still Need to Do:

I plan on further testing how to make my site more user friendly.  I plan on updating my Site Information and About Me pages.  I hope to resolve the issue of not being able to add the background color I wanted through the creative, consistent, and conscious placement of images.