Editions Before Peer Review

What I Did
Since our last class meeting, I have done a lot of work to my blog. I finished the basic design shell of my blog; meaning that, all of the colors and font choices should remain the same for the rest of this project. I also updated my tagline to coincide with my theme of displaying my professional and personal interests. I added all of the necessary pages the blog must contain for this course, as well as two pages that will display both professional and personal projects of mine. Lastly, I updated the header image to contain a more recent picture of me surrounded by more interests of mine.

Why I Did It
Because I wanted this blog to display my professional and personal interests, I chose to make a header image that displays many of my interests. I did not want to include a picture of me doing just one activity, but rather emphasize that I like to do a lot of things. I decided to make my background alight color so it would not take away from the header image. The line in which my page titles are displayed in the header is purple because it brings out the color of the scissors in the image.

Work I Still Need to Do
Although the basic shell of my blog is complete, I still have a lot of work to do on this project! After learning the criteria for receiving an A on this project, I came up with most of the ideas listed above just two days ago. I haven’t had a chance within that time frame to take as many pictures and videos of me doing these activities as I need to include and will do that before Monday. Simply, I need to add more images and text to each page of my blog so that they display at least four modes of communication.