This Week

What I Did:

This week, I’ve added more widgets to my blog to allow access to my Instagram as well as provide contact information through email and Facebook.I had to manage the two widget sections as well, some of them were duplicates and some of the two areas lined up in a weird way. I’ve also finished blog posts I missed in class, updated the About Me page, organized my required pages, and added a portfolio page. I’ve been working with my background colors as well to make sure my header is visible.

Why I Did It:

I worked with the alignment of my widgets and my background color scheme because I want the visual aspect of the blog to be as professional and attention-grabbing as possible without being too overboard. I also fixed the pages and added the portfolio page to flesh out the blog and show the reader what I do and why my blog is here in the first place.

What I Still Need To Do:

I still need to fix the color scheme. I’ve been working with the background for a while now and have realized that some colors are fixed within my theme so I’m unable to change them without paying. So I’m going to continue working around that setback and seeing what I can do about the colors without switching themes entirely. I also need to update my portfolio page as well as clean up any other kinks in the blog.