Drafting & Preparing for the Final Look

I’ve made a substantial amount of progress since I started started this blog site, and yet there’s still more that’s left to do before I unveil the final product. Here’s a quick review of what I’ve been working on since last time.

What I Did

I updated the logo and header for the 20th time. I changed the theme for the last time. I added pages to my menu. I also added widgets that link to my social media sites.

Why I Did

The pages for my menu are required for the project, the header design is supposed to differentiate my blog from others, and adding the widgets is to make my web portal personable.

What I Still Need to Do

There’s no content in my pages yet, not even my “About Me” page. I want to include a resume, a short summary blurb about me, a picture, and links to social media pages.