Under Construction

What I Did

Today, I got caught up, since I missed class on Friday. Then, I made a few pages for the blog! Yay! Actually, it is very exciting, and I’m really quite happy with what I’m doing just now. It’s not perfect, nor anywhere close to done, but it’s certainly a start. I made three draft pages for the projects, a published About page, and a published Site Info page. The About page is by far the most complete, though I might go back and edit for tone and content. The Site Info page has nearly nothing, but I will put more in as I decide exactly what I want in it. I managed to apply my very first image to my blog, too.

Why I Did What I Did

I really wanted to make sure I at least have a start. If I get the bare bones of everything I need, it won’t be so difficult to fill everything in as I go along. I see a lot of people around me with very sophisticated looking pages, but I’m not feeling particularly intimidated by my very simple output. I like simple blogs, and that’s what I’m going to create. I’m not a picture person, so visuals will be limited, but they will be there! If that came across defensive, it wasn’t supposed to, I promise.