What I did

Today, I worked on my site information page for most of the time. Next, I changed the accent color on my site from teal blue to a rustic yellow. I also thought about what else I could add to my site to make it A work. One idea was to add a portfolio aspect with some of my previous work. I also thought about adding a more personal touch related to novels and their digital counterparts. I am still brainstorming ideas and hopefully, I can add something worthwhile.

Why I did it

I worked on my site information because it is the last required page that I need to update and finish. I am still working on the content for this page but I hope to finish it by next class for peer review. I am working on how to format and word the site information page because it is unfamiliar territory for me. I changed the color from blue to yellow because the yellow seemed to match the picture in my header and the tone of the website better. I want to add something extra to my site in order to show that I put in a considerable amount of effort and also to add a personal touch to my site.