Backpack Vibes

Mulitmodal Dig

  1.  Veuve Cliqout cork logo (V): cork from the champagne bottle I was given as a gift on my 22nd birthday in Paris.
    • It has it is logo on the top of the cork and on the bottom. It has the name printed on the bottom and “champagne” printed on the side.
    • It is spaced out appropriately.
  2. SOL headphones (V,L,S,A): 
    • You can recognize these visually, they are white and have a nice sleek look.
    • The logo itself is great, something people can recognize the brand with.
  3. Vaseline Lip Therapy (V): 
    • It’s a miniature size of the standard Vaseline size. Visually it looks.
    • The classic Vaseline logo is on the front and is laid out simple.
  4. Ray-Ban / Ray-Ban case logo (V): 
    • These are the classic black Ray-Ban’s, along with the classic black case.
    • The cases always have a “stamp” on the left side with it’s logo and a description of the UV protection.
  5. Outdoor Products water bottle volume lines(L,S):
    • The focus of this is targeted toward the text.
    • It has volume measurement values for how much liquid you want to put in it, or see how much is left.
  6. Pilot G-2 pen text (V, L):
    • The text of the pen is on the clip, which you can clip on a pocket, etc.
    • Visually, then pen is notorious for its sleek look.
  7. Topflight notebook logo (V,L):
    • It’s kind of confusing because the line of the notebook’s logo is larger.
  8. Planner (no text on front) (V,S):
    • It’s a standard planner, looks like a notebook since there is nothing identifying it.
    • The inside is nicely spaced out for writing down several reminders.
  9. Cambridge Limited leather bound notebook/folder (V,S)
    • It’s visually appealing to the eyes.
    • The notebook inside has premium paper and nicely spaced out.
  10. iPhone Charger (V):
    • I’m kind of running out of things to describe well, but this is a standard iPhone 4 charger.
    • It’s white, the usb slot is a nice cube shape.
  11. Food Lion MVP card on my Keys (V,S,L):
    • The logo on this is nice and huge on the front.
    • It’s easy to identify what it’s use if for.
  12. G-shock text on inside watch (V,S):
    • The company logo Casio is in small text along with the line G-Shock.
    • The text is centered and the spacing is perfect on it – great craftsmanship.