Of course, today is the one day I decide to bring nothing to class with me.  Literally, nothing.  This, however, gives me the opportunity to use my imagination, hooray! 

Something that is not too unique is my ABP coffee cup (V).  I prefer to use a reusable one, but apparently the school deems that unsafe.  

The coffee up has text (L) on it saying the name of the company and also to warn me that it is pretty dang hott.

My phone(V&A) has my email on it and does the most annoying ding when I get emails which is about 100 times a day.

Since  I’m super cool and a cadet, I usually wear funny little hats (V&S).  You can always tell which way someone is going by looking at their cover which makes them mildly useful.   

I also wear cool little shirts with patches (V&L&S) on them. The text says “US ROTC”  which is sort of misleading because this is not even a ROTC uniform but nonetheless, they show the world that we wake up early and hate our lives Monday thru Friday, from 0500 to 1700. 

The gold ranks (V) on my uniform show that I hate my life a little less than the average cadet. It means I am a senior and on my way out to freedom!!!!! 

The gold across the hat (V&G) I mentioned previously means that along with almost freedom, under class cadets get to salute me which really makes my right hand tired.  Such is life.

On a happier note, MAWWIAGE. If I were to have a DVD with me at all times, I would probably carry ‘The Princess Bride’ with me everywhere (V&A&L). If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this post and watch it. 

Along with mawwiage, I am getting married and am usually distracted like a baby bird and almost drive off the road by looking at the giant sparkle on my hand (V).  It means hands off boys.  But actually that did not stop that guy downtown last night… but that’s for a different post. 

Last, but certainly not least, my watch (V&S&L&G&A). This small item seriously saves my life.  I know what time it is, what day it, what direction I’m going, and it wakes me up in the morning. It’s da bombdiggaty. 

More to come later babes.