9-05-2014: Multimodal dig

  • My watch VS
  • Ring (has Virginia Tech engraved around it) VS
  • My T-shirt has an insignia VS
  • Chapstick VSL
  • The button on my purse has text around it VS
  • My Hokie Passport VSL
  • My pen from Housing and Residence Life VSL
  • The Airheads candy in my backpack VSL
  • The sticker on my laptop VS
  • The tag on my shirt VL
  • Gmail app on my phone VASGL
  • Driver’s License VSL
  • Twitter on my phone VASG

A pattern that I see is that all of the unusual texts I have are visual. The ones that have all five modes of very modern, digital texts. I only had two that used all five, but they were both apps on my smart phone. A lot of the texts that I used are items that I had on me and are just knick knacks in my back pack. They are similar in that they aren’t books or normal modes of text, but they all have different uses. I believe that the two modes that are most different from each other are the pen and the twitter app because they are basically opposites. Twitter writes using digital means and a pen is the most traditional way to write things.


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