Personalizing My Site

What I Did

Today, I made two major changes to the overall appearance of my WordPress Site. First, I changed the theme from “Edin” to “Eighties.” I did this because I liked the photo of Times Square, New York City in the banner at the top of the web page. However, I discovered that I was able to put my own image in the banner. So, I decided to insert a photograph of a co-worker and I doing a broadcast of a Virginia Tech softball game that was seen on ESPN3.

Why I Did It

I decided to change the overall theme of my WordPress Site because I felt the original theme was too bland. I added my own image to the banner of the site for two reasons: 1) I wanted to give my site a more personal feel to it and 2) This photograph best represents what I do at my internship and what I want to continue doing for a living when I graduate from Virginia Tech. Now that I feel I have a better base for what I want my site to represent, I can continue to personalize it and add different features.