So as I stated in my last post, I like to keep things simple.  I changed my default picture, but it was a lot harder than I actually thought it would be.  That made me a little sad, but oh well.  I know some of the other students are adding pages to their blogs; however, I do not want to add pages until I have content to fill them with.  In my creative writing class, we are writing a series of short texts such as poetry or recipes.  Perhaps I will add those on various pages once I’ve written them.  

In summary…

What I did:

  • add a post 
  • changed my picture 
  • commented on other’s posts

Why I did it:

  • my old picture was no longer showing up 
  • it was assigned to me 

Although I do not have a lot of meaning to my changes just yet, I know that there will be great things to come of this blog in the future! 

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