Day 2: Design

What I Did

Today, I made a few more changes to my overall webpage. I have updated and added 2 static pages: an About Me page and a Site Information page. In the About Me page, I included another profile picture and a short blurb about me and the reasoning behind the blog. While I have not added any resources to my Site Information page, I hope to keep it updated in the future. Lastly, what I am most proud of, I have added a Twitter feed widget to my site on my sidebar. 

Why I Did

The reasoning behind the static pages is because they are essential to any blog out there on the Internet. There should always be a page for readers to access in order to learn more about the author, and offering resources is another great way to keep readers engaged. I kept everything short in my updates, and plan to later expand in detail on both pages. However, I think the short blurbs are consistent with my minimalist designs. 

I added the Twitter feed because I thought it would be a fun visual addition for viewers. Not only does it add visual appeal, but it also gives readers a more in depth glimpse into who I am outside the blog. 

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