What I Did

Since Monday, I have changed the header, menu, footer, and number of pages on my blog. I switched the header from the default photo to a picture of sunflowers that I found on CreativeCommons. I increased the number of pages on my blog from two to six. Originally there was “home” and “about me,” and I added “Class Projects,” “Interrogate an Interface,” “Remix a Story,” and “Revision Plan.” In short, I added all the pages for what will go on this blog. Once these pages were added, I was able to edit the menu. It now has three headers, “Home,” “About Me,” and “Class Projects.” Class Projects is a drop down menu that leads to the remaining three pages. On the footer I added a search bar and the place where users can subscribe to the blog.

Why I Did It

I changed the header to sunflowers because they’re my favorite flower, and I’ll like the look of the blog with them at the top. They’re bright and happy, which sets a good tone. I added the pages mentioned above to set the blog up to be ready to use. With the pages already there, all I’ll need to do is add the content when it comes time. I added the search bar to the footer to be able to easily find posts and topics, and I added the subscription to the bottom because it’s important to have it there but doesn’t need to be at the top because I’m not trying to push subscription right now.