Before Gluing The Pieces Together

Although I still haven’t accomplished a significant amount of work on my blog, I think it’s important to think about how I would like to implement my strategies first. There’s a lot of things to consider: the logo, the theme, background, menu navigation, or other mixed media I should add to the site. I’m likely to chose the same color scheme that I had in one of my previous blogs, which will be green, white, and black, and red. I’ll consider this color scheme when I create my logo design as well. Lastly, I’ll choose two permanent photographs for the site, one will be a header and the other will be portrait shot to include in a side bar that will have a short blurb about myself. I’m a little nervous about how the color scheme will turn out and choosing appropriate content, but I think that if I apply the five modes of expression that I read about in the textbook, then I know I should be fine. For now, the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t is if I experiment!