Customizing my page

What I did

Today I felt much more comfortable with WordPress. I started by renaming my blog, it’s a simple title “Zack Conway’s Blog” but for now that’s all I want it to say. I may come up with a more creative name later. The other big change I made today was adding a new background. I wanted more than just a solid color, I wanted a picture. I also wanted to make sure I stayed with the theme of my header. I then decided to choose a new header photo. It is still of Lane Stadium, but instead of being a dark/night picture it is during the day. 

Why I did it

So there are a couple different reasons why I did what I did today on my WordPress. First the reason I changed my blog’s name is because I wanted it to be simple and something someone can easily identify it with. It’ll be easy to know who’s blog it is just by reading the title. Next, the reason I chose the background that I did was not only because it was intriguing and drew attention, but also because it added to my theme and gave my blog more character and an insight on me as a person. I can understand why some may think it is a little too much, but for right now it fits what I am trying to do. And lastly, I chose a light/day time photo because I wanted something lighter on the page. The background is already dark, so having something lighter was needed. 

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