Getting Started

Creating my web portal is just the first step in my on-going work process in Writing and Media Media. I plan to build a custom web portal that fits with the type of brand I would like to portray to the public which will be kept minimal with warm colors. I also want this web portal to be a presentable place for me to keep a portfolio of my work done in this class.

What I Did & Why I Did It

So far I’ve named the blog “Orbezo” because it’s my last name and I identify myself with it since some people call me by my last name. Some people can’t pronounce it, too. It’s also a very rare last name, so it came as no surprise that it wasn’t already taken as a blog name. I also chose a theme, though I may change it later. I would like a theme that’s simple and focuses on photographs more than anything since I’m going to be creating plenty of graphics. I’m also planning to create a custom logo very soon. I think logos are not only professional, but really define the uniqueness of a website design.