the big decisions

What I did

Since I have never used WordPress before, this is a learning experience for me. The first decision I made was to make my URL After deciding on my URL, I was a little overwhelmed with what I had to do to create my website. I had a few ideas for titles, but wasn’t sure. I then went to themes and picked Hemingway Rewritten. I then named my blog “Since 1994.” With my title and theme in place, I uploaded a picture that I took for the header. I still have to work on a tagline and update my personal information, but for my first time using WordPress, I’ve made progress.

Why I did it

Since I was unsure about my title, I skipped naming my blog at first. I wanted to have a better idea about what my website was going to look like before I named it. I’m a visual person in this sense. For this reason, I looked at the free themes and immediately liked Hemingway Rewritten because of the heading format with the title embedded in the picture. After seeing this theme, I thought about businesses that have the year they were founded in the format “Since…” I was born in 1994, so I chose the title “Since 1994.” I might change my title if I have another idea, but for now, I am happy with the theme and title.