First Blog Post

What I Did

Today, I set up my WordPress blog for ENGL 3844. However, I only made a few minor changes for the time being. I plan on changing many more features of my blog as we go further into the semester. I will be exploring the various features of WordPress in order to become more familiar and effective with the site. I took care of entering my basic information such as my name, email and username. One change I made was making the background red. I also decided on the theme “Edin.”

Why I Did It

I made the background red because it’s my favorite color. I decided on the theme “Edin” because I liked the neat, professional look it gives off. Also, I have decided to name my blog “Nokes’ Notes.” The reason for this is because it identifies me personally and is also catchy. I look forward to my blog developing into a piece of work I can be proud of.