First In-class Post: What I Did, and How I Did It

What I Did

Since I had already had a WordPress Blog-site for a previous class, I simply logged in and began to edit the content, theme, and “About.” I placed all previous blog posts into the “trash” to clean up the site and start from a clean slate. I have chosen to use the current theme because it appealed to me and was more bold than the other free themes. Most all of the other themes struck me as airy and either too busy, or too empty (either of which could cause the usefulness and usability of my site to be hindered. 

How I Did It

To change my theme I first accessed the blog dashboard. I then dropped down to Appearance, and clicked Themes.Once in the Themes menu,  I then selected the ‘free’ tab located on the right hand side of the page header. I then found the theme I liked and clicked it. from there I used the “Customize” option to edit my blog site title, subtitle, and about page. Afterwards I also chose to add a page to the blog where I will be recording the timeline of my class projects. 


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