The Beginning

What I Did 

Today I started this as my second blog. Most of the decisions I made today are subject to change as I organize my ideas, thoughts, and plans for the class. But – to start off, I chose a theme and a header picture, and made my first blog post for your enjoyment! I also chose a name for my blog, which is a hard task to do with such an exciting year ahead of me.

Why I Did It 

I think the theme I chose is a good pick because it highlights one main picture where I can force a lot of color into my page without being too distracting. It’s nice and simple aside from that photo. The picture I chose is a view of Florence, Italy from the top of the Duomo in the center of the city. It was one of my favorite views when I studied abroad there this summer, and I cannot wait to see it again one day. It shows colors beautifully from the orange-roofed buildings to the stark blue sky. I named my blog “Third Year’s a Charm” because I have just started my Junior year of college and I’m excited for what is to come, so I thought this play on words might be fun way to show that general idea.