What I Did

Today on my WordPress blog I altered the name, headline, and theme. While these still may change, for now I picked a simple name for my blog and used my name. For my tagline, I wrote a brief description of myself- “virginia tech student. prelaw. professional writing.”. I picked a theme called “Hemingway Rewritten,” which is one of the free themes offered by WordPress. To quickly customize the site, I made menu’s visible and changed the default background and text colors. My next step will be to continue customization of the site, by expanding the menu and adding an “About Me” page.

Why I Did It

As mentioned above, the title of my blog is simply my name. While this is not exactly creative, I think it’s the best route to go because this is a blog to showcase my later projects and efforts in this class throughout the semester. It’s like an online portfolio, so it makes sense that it should be titled with my name. I chose a tagline that sums up my academic career because it gives a brief and quick description of the purpose of this blog. The theme I chose, Hemingway Rewritten, was aesthetically pleasing and not too busy, which allows the focus of the blog to remain on the content. While quickly customizing the site, I also set up the home page so that newest post would appear at the top. As this is a site to track progress throughout the semester, that seemed to be the correct way to organize.