not a week for the weak

Instead of telling you what I did today, because it’s so early and my life has yet to get too shambly, I’ll go into what a week of my life usually looks like. Last week was the first week of classes, and while everyone usually expects the first week to be rough, mine was laughably tragic. It started out on Monday when I lost my debit card and Hokie Passport. A frazzled mess, I wandered around the bookstore, hoping to uncover them and actually walk out with the several hundred dollars of pages required of a moneyless college student. Tuesday, I was rudely awakened to the horrors of trying to find a parking spot on downtown Roanoke Street, and ended up walking to the gym and back to avoid a fistfight for a spot the girl in apartment J had been enviously eyeing. Wednesday seemed to be looking up as I was surrounded by my best friends, dancing the night away, on top of the world (or on top of a tall bench in our case). The feeling was short-lived as I found myself tumbling down, sprawling on the floor, and shattering my phone in the cool night air. There were laughs and tears booming through Blacksburg at the poor, unfortunate, phoneless girl on the ground. But I did not let that slow me down. Thursday I actually left my parking spot to go to the Math Emporium and revive my dead phone. I waited for two hours until some kind man came to inform me that no one would show up, the business was gone, and there were no other places in the Valley to fix my problem. 

When it comes to my phone, there is a determination in me that will not die. I was not going to become an anti-social hermit, and I spent the entire day trying to find a solution to this dire problem. Needless to say, my phone was fixed and blown up with social media by six o’clock that evening.  Since I had been out so late, though, I was forced to park in a tiny spot in the corner of my apartment complex. I was grateful, but I had a bad feeling about why that spot was open while other cars were parked on the street. Which brings us to Friday– the day I backed my car into a parked car and completely ruined my bumper. The day I got stung by a bee walking to class. The day I left my keys in my apartment and was locked out for an hour. The day that I realized my life is such a wonderful mess that I decided to write a blog about it and share my hilarious misfortune with the world. It’s never a dull moment.