daily summary

September 8th Summary

What I Did I’ve tweaked the color scheme and messed around with getting appropriate links to show up as well. I messed about with page arrangements a bit but this theme seems to have some unusual restrictions as to which widgets can go where. Why I Did It The blog currently has an affect that […]

Day Two: The Summary

Today’s work I consider unfinished. I intend to write another post after I’ve made some amendments tonight. My original theme was very restrictive so I changed it a few times but It is going to take a bit more bumbling around for me to find something with the kind of balance I’m looking for. Beyond […]

Day One: The Summary

What I Did     In short, I: Created this blog Made questionable decisions regarding picture choices Set up some security features Came up with a temporary tagline Made my name based on a previously successful blogging moniker Why did I do it the way I did?     I would have to say my […]