Well gosh…

This whole blog is now mine. How cool is that? I mean, the entire this was mine, but, officially, as of a few months ago, this blog now has nothing to do with class work. Isn’t that exciting?

Well, it is to me.

Anywho, new semester, new goals. I’m graduating this year, and I have every intention of finding a good job that allows me all sorts of things. Mainly, the ability to gain experience in my field and stay close to my boyfriend. Yes, I understand that I’m a little young to be making decisions based on a significant other, but, well. That’s what I’m doing. It’s not the entire decision making process, but it’s part of it.

Also, I need to get my writing under control. I do so little of it, these days, and I’d like to improve on all fronts. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably feed myself based on my ability to write. Thus, I must practice.

And look at that. I have a blog just waiting for some entries.

To anyone who may have followed my blog for more from my Writing and Digital Media class, there will be no more. There may be a chance that I will write about my experiences in my Creating Content for the Web, but that’s as close as I will get.