September 12th Summary

What I Did:

  1. I added a page with recommended music videos.
  2. I reformatted the titles of my posts and messed about with the arrangements and headers of the posts.
  3. I removed and rearranged some of my widgets.
  4. I changed the header and cropped it.

Why I did It:

I wanted to add an aural and visual element to the blog an the most straightforward way to approach that seemed to be to add a personalized page with recommended music videos that emphasized the gestural and aural aspects of design. They’re all fun videos so if you haven’t heard those songs before they are worth watching for just the visual aspect alone. I then reworked the format of some of my posts and added headers to make the blocks of text in my posts more spatially appealing to the eye.

While working on that I realized that giving my blog a static  front page meant I needed to make the posts  more easy to find so I reworked my sidebar and put the archives at the top so that anyone new to the page would hopefully see it right away. I also changed the header because I seem to be in a constant struggle to find an image that works with this theme’s resolution constraints on the header. I still have some minor editing to do but my last hurdle seems to be finding the right color balance in the limited pallet that my theme allows for.