Revision Plan

So for my project, the storyboard was hard to familiarize itself with the actual story line of Where the Wild Things Are. It’s been difficult to make it work, and I really don’t want to force anything with it. I still am planning on recreating the visuals in Photoshop. But, I think I am going with my backup plan. I’m not too worried, I know I’ll be able to handle it and catch up. So Max will be in the setting of New York City and he will encounter many “wild things” within the city until he gets back to his home in New Jersey. This will be the “remix” of the story.

I’m going to somehow either put him in a setting in which he’s working for a company–like he’s grown up or him as a kid being overwhelmed by the city life. I’m going to add some of my personal touch within the story since I am from NJ and I love the city, I’ve interned in Manhattan the past two summers.

I feel like there is so much more I can do with this, and I’m exciting to create the illustrations for the story. Part of pf my original plan is still in tact; after creating each page in Photoshop, I plan on uploading them to iMovie of Final Cut. I will do a voice over for all the pages and it will be essentially an e-book that you can watch and listen to online.