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Halloween-Inspired Selfies

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, and I practiced taking Halloween-inspired selfies a lot today! In-Class Selfie This is the selfie I took today in class for practice. I chose the orange and black colored prop because it matched the Halloween-inspired … Continue reading

Beginning Project 3

What I Did I have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work on my project since Monday. Specifically, I have spent more time deciding on the content I would like to include in my magazine, such as: how many and which … Continue reading

Project 3 Brainstorming

Portions of the Stories I Have Chosen Although a little outside the boundaries of our instructions, I would like to make a magazine in InDesign that portrays a few Disney princess in more of a feminist/role model light, rather than … Continue reading

Last Day of Presentations!

I really enjoyed listening to all of the final presentations given in class on Friday! I can’t believe how many tools we learned about this week that I didn’t even know existed! Although I might not use all of these tools … Continue reading

More Interesting Presenations!

I enjoyed learning about all the tools presented in class on Wednesday, but I am most inclined to use PIXLR in the future for both professional and personal use. As Emma mentioned, PXLR is a photo-editing tool that can be … Continue reading

The Tool That Interested Me the Most

Although all of the tools presented today were very interesting, I am most interested in learning more about Creativist. As Jenna explained, creating a presentation on Creativist is like creating an interactive book chapter through the use of text, images, … Continue reading

Day Three of Project 2

What I Did Since the last blog post, I have finished experimenting with Draft and have completed the Analysis Questions Google Doc. I also continued making my own examples within Draft to include as screenshots in my presentation. Why I … Continue reading

Day Two of Project Two

What I Did I continued experimenting with Draft today and even starting drafting documents within the tool to include as examples in my presentation. I also made notes of the affordances and constraints of the site that I experienced when … Continue reading

Day One of Project Two

What I Did Today, I signed up for my own Draft account and began experimenting with the site from an actual user’s point of view. I also began filling out the Writer/Designer Analysis Questions. Simply, I began researching my tool and thinking … Continue reading

Friday-Morning Feeling GIF

After a long week of classes, I often wake up very happy on Friday mornings knowing that the academic week is almost over and I can soon enjoy the weekend– a feeling that I’m sure all college students experience. Although … Continue reading