Beginning Project 3

What I Did

I have done a lot of behind-the-scenes work on my project since Monday. Specifically, I have spent more time deciding on the content I would like to include in my magazine, such as: how many and which princesses I want to use; whether I want the content for each princess to be the same or something individualistic; the topic of the quizzes I want to include; what will be on the cover of the magazine; and the name of the magazine.

I have also started researching the best possible web tool that I can use to make my InDesign layouts flip like the pages of a real magazine.

Why I Did It

Although I still need to ask for definite approval on my chosen topic, I have spent a lot of time preparing my project’s content so that I can create an in-depth storyboard of what I want my magazine to include. Making a storyboard will greatly help me find and keep track of sources and give the project more structure. I want my project to be great, which requires a great deal of planning and preparation.