Remix a Story: Part II – The Storyboard [11/07]

What I Did:

- Created a Rough Storyboard via Shotbox

* Note: In all honesty, you could create a more elaborate storyboard by using the drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator or even Photoshop and upload those images on this storyboard. Though, if you’re in a time crunch like me and want to do a quicker storyboard without all that hassle, just find some pictures that have the general idea of what you’re looking to shoot on camera via Google Images and upload them to your storyboard. I found this method very efficient and it also gave me some inspiration for camera angles to use.

Why I Did It:

This concept is a stretch (and might be too cliche), but I was thinking of starting out in a shoe store with someone casually trying on a pair of shoes (at this point it looks like I’m leaning over towards boots) that takes the viewers on a stroll through various locations to demonstrate a sense of history behind the shoes. The video ends back at the shoe store with the person taking the pair of shoes off his or her feet and setting them aside. I might have to revise the story a little bit more, but I do want to make sure I incorporate a series of shots of the shoes walking along streets or parks.