Blog Post for December 1, 2014

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break!

Since our class last met, I have worked lots on my third project! I recruited my friends at Virginia Tech to share images of their food with me during the week of class before break.  I began editing the images for Instagram and uploaded about three dozen post while I was home.  Additionally, I took screen shots of the posts and uploaded them to a Prezi presentation.

I worked through the many challenges and the short comings of the various programs I was using.  Towards the end of the presentation, I realized that the captions for my Instagram posts did not tell my story as completely as I desired.  I had several of my peers review my Prezi and got similar responses.

I will be presenting on Wednesday, but I still have revisions to make before my project is complete.  First, I need to edit several captions for post on the @very_hungry_hokie Instagram.  Second, I need to take screenshots of the edited posts and upload them to the Prezi presentation.  Finally, I need to update my “Work Cited” and figure out how I want to credit my peers that assisted me in this project.  Additionally, I am continually documenting the challenges I have faced to explain in my project three memo.