Moving Along

Today I made a lot of progress on my project. I made a common decision to start by using InDesign to create an info-graphic about the material I am focusing on. It’s looking pretty good! I cannot use InDesign over Thanksgiving break because I do not have it on my computer, and I have already used a trial of it for a previous class, but I plan on getting most of the work done before break so that I can move on to the next part over break – which is working with ThingLink, a website, to make my graphic interactive. I can do that from home as long as my InDesign work is done. I used Innovation Space for a few hours today to work on it.

I’m not sure which parts I will make interactive yet, but I think that will add another dimension.

I will definitely use the interactivity to cite some of my sources at the bottom of the graphic, so that viewers can click right over to more information.