Brick Wall

So, I’ve run into some issues with my original plan. I downloaded Flash and started watching some of the tutorials, but the actual software started affecting my computer. It’s slowing everything down, and shuts down once I start trying to complete any actions.

I’m really upset because I’ve wanted to learn Flash for a while and I really wanted to challenge myself, but this might not be the time to do it. I would totally still go for it if I could spend time in innovation space, but I want to be able to work on it over break and my computer is obviously not happy about that.

That being said, I think I will try to go in a new direction. I had an idea to create several gifs and present them in list form, similar to Buzzfeed, but that’s so far from my original idea. I also am considering making an infographic, because I’m really interested in design and I think it would be fun. The problem with that is that I need InDesign to do that. I’m thinking maybe I could use iMovie (which is on my computer) to present some clips and other facets to describe the point I want to get across. That way, I can still have a video as my final product, and maybe I can still play with the way the facts are presented. Still thinking.

Whatever I decide to do, I will definitely have some sort of a draft by Wednesday!